Audio From Aubrey Short Funeral

Sep 30, 2018
Aubrey Short Funeral 9-30-18
Series: Aubrey
"Click on the Play Button to Listen to Aubrey Short Funeral 9-30-18".
  • Sep 30, 2018Aubrey Short Funeral 9-30-18
    Sep 30, 2018
    Aubrey Short Funeral 9-30-18
    Series: Aubrey
    "Click on the Play Button to Listen to Aubrey Short Funeral 9-30-18".

This Week 6-12-18

Bro. Phil and Caleb have been involved with the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas. Part of what they have been doing is a program called Crossover. They do events and door to door Evangelism in the city of each convention. This year after several events and over 20,000 doors knocked on and personal Evangelism there have been 4,229 professions of faith. Praise God! Next year convention and Crossover coming to Birmingham!

This Week at Boones Chapel 3-21-18

Hello Everybody,
   We are fast approaching Easter. The yard signs advertising our Easter Services are all over our community. There is a lot of excitement about our church. We would like your help with a couple of things.
   First, if you can help this Saturday, we are having a church-wide clean-up day. Inside and outside of the church, we will work together to make the Lord’s house beautiful. Anyone is welcomed to attend and we could use everyone’s help. The last one we had everyone pitched in and we were done in a couple of hours.
   Second, if you are available the 40 Hours of Prayer is next week and we are asking God to something special through this event. We are going to be doing this in the Worship Center and there will be a prayer guide and instructions. Please consider giving a little bit of you time as we prepare our hearts and church for Easter. You can use this link to sign up-HERE.
   Don’t forget to join us on Good Friday at 6:30 PM as we share communion together and prepare our hearts for Easter. Anyone is welcome to attend. Use this opportunity to invite someone to Boones Chapel!
   Now let me remind you that Bro. Phil and Susanne are on their way to Brazil. They will be sharing the Gospel and partnering with our friend- Bro. Giu. Please pray that you will give them both traveling mercies and the boldness to preach the word. Pray that many hearts are turned towards Jesus. We are blessed to have many in our church who are called to preach. They will lead us the next couple of Services. Would you commit to pray for Phil and Susanne every day as they represent us? Below is a map of where they will be in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Bro. Tommy

This Week @Boones Chapel 10-7

October 7, 2017

Church family, 

Due to the Tropical Storm Warning and the fact that our Governor has declared a State of Emergency, all services and events scheduled to meet on the campus of BCBC have been canceled Sunday, October 8, 2017
.    This includes the Autauga County Baptist Annual meeting. 
We understand that God can turn the storm and tomorrow
 may be a beautiful day, however,  we take serious the safety of our church family…for that reason this decision cannot be delayed.

PLEASE NOTE:  The sermon God gave me to preach is a continuation of last Sunday….The Earth/Nature is Groaning to be redeemed.   I will preach part 2 at 10:15 Sunday morning via the live stream.  All you have to do is click on this link at 10:15 a.m. tomorrow

   .  I hope you will watch and take this opportunity to encourage others to watch as well. 
Check on each other as the storm passes over


Bro. Phil

Pastor Boones Chapel